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Company Aligudarz carbonate factories

Company Aligudarz carbonate factories

  • Aligudarz Carbonate CompanyAligudarz Carbonate Company
  • Aligudarz Carbonate CompanyAligudarz Carbonate Company

Company Aligudarz carbonate factories to produce and supply all kinds of mineral raw materials in 1381, Flat No. 823 of the Companies Registration Office registered Aligudarz In collaboration with professional and experienced staff and advanced manufacturing machines having different types of micronized Mesh 2500 has begun and been successful with regard to the importance of quality in addition to supply domestic factories such as paint, paper, ceramics, lining granules of PVC, glue, drilling, plastic, textile, electrode insulation products to also exported to other parts of the world. And given that the shareholders of the company have 30 years experience in the mining and processing of mineral calcium carbonate stone Aligudarz area and has long been a supplier of raw materials companies producing micronized powder. We specialize in production of micronized calcium carbonate powder to the aggregation of five microns. In the end would be an honor if you wish to enjoy the services of the company to communicate the action. To ensure the success of the service.

Company features:

1. having rich deposits of calcium carbonate
- Calcium carbonate mining company Gazelle (workshop 5).
- Mining Corporation Lrayran (site 14).
2. 35-year history of the participating institutions in the mining and ore dressing of calcium carbonate.
3. Use technology to build factories days.
4. The use of specialists in the manufacturing process.
5. Equipped with laboratory quality control (QC).