Powder Carbonate Aligoudarz


Compound of polyethylene films

This compound combines LDPET, LLDPE, HDPE polyethylenes with coated calcium carbonate and other additives with the aim of: maintaining the mechanical properties (longitudinal tension and stitching) of the product uniformity, reducing cost, reducing losses during production, increasing carbonate consumption Calcium is produced to increase the possibility of degradability.

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White masterbatches

White masterbatches of this collection with more than 12 grades with different percentages from 25% to 75% (titanium dioxide) of high quality European, with uniform distribution and excellent coverage in the process of producing plastic products on different bases, including best-selling products and Approved by many manufacturers called polyethylene films, disposable containers, polymer yarns and bags, drinking water pipes, tanks for various uses and.. Among the quality masterbatches of this collection, we can mention the 1100N-a.r grade, which with 75% (Tio2) and without the use of calcium carbonate in its production, has been able to attract the opinion of many experts.

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Calcium carbonate masterbatches

These masterbatches can be provided with different loading of calcium carbonate. This masterbatch is mainly used as a filler for PP and PE resins, thereby reducing the cost of raw materials and ultimately the final product. With this masterbatch, the strength and printability are increased and the filament is reduced.

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Granulated calcium carbonate

Granular calcium carbonate or granulated calcium carbonate is a mined calcium carbonate agglomerate mined by giant crushers in the factory of Sefid Dane Aligudarz Company in the size desired by the customer. The quality of granular calcium carbonate is obvious. Classification depends on the calcium carbonate lump extracted from the mine. Two important factors are important in the basic quality of granulated calcium carbonate. The first important thing is the color of the stones and the absence of impurities in it. Naturally, the more the color of the stone tends to be light and white, and the more uniform it is in terms of purity and without streaks, the better the quality and the more valuable it is.

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